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GeoBubble™ pool cover stockists

Pool covers using GeoBubble technology are available internationally through good local pool shops and suppliers. Please contact your local pool shop for more information or contact us and we’ll advise on distributor locations in your area. Be sure to read our FAQ page as well.

GeoBubble™ technology now available in the USA!

Contact Colorado Lining for all USA GeoBubble™ pool cover solutions.

Swimming Pool Cover Manufacturer

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I maximise the lifespan of my GeoBubble cover?

To maximise the lifespan you need to protect your pool cover, both on and off the pool.
When the cover is on the pool, keep the water level within the industry’s recommended range. Failure to do so will result in the water becoming corrosive which will reduce your cover’s lifespan. Please see our Use and Care Guide for more information.
When your cover is not on the pool and on your reel system, it should be protected from overheating by using a reflective cover sheet.

Which is the best pool cover for me?

Use the table below to determine the best cover type for your needs and swimming habits.

Does the thickness of a pool cover affect its longevity/lifespan?

Yes. The thicker the pool cover and the more additives, stabilisers and anti-oxidants it contains, the longer a GeoBubble cover will last. Also, the thicker the cover is (particularly on the bubble side,) the longer it will last against chemical attack.

Our premium ‘Guard’ materials are all 500 micron thickness and contain the most additives to increase longevity. If the cover is treated correctly as per the care and usage guidelines, expected lifespans are as follows:

Does a pool cover affect the efficiency of my heating system?

Yes. For example, with a Sol+Guard™ swimming pool cover, the number of solar panels required to heat a pool can be reduced by half and heat pumps work more efficiently when used in conjunction with a swimming pool cover. In other words, if the water temperature is already raised, the heat pump has far less work to do to maintain a comfortable swimming temperature.

What pool cover should I use in winter time?

EnergyGuard™ and CoolGuard™ covers are the best choices for winter. Both covers have a black underside and therefore inhibit algae growth however the its important to take into account your summer pool cover requirements when choosing your winter cover. EnergyGuard will raise water temperatures in summer while CoolGuard will lower water temperatures in summer, normally used in very hot climates.

When used in conjunction with a woven mesh cover, a pool can be winterized with both these covers. Chemical input can be stopped in the winter and the pool will require little time and maintenance when re-opening it for the summer season.

How much warmer will my pool be with a GeoBubble cover?

Findings from tests carried out in UK summer conditions show that a GeoBubble standard pool cover and an EnergyGuard cover can increase water temperatures by up to 4 degrees Celsius.

The Sol+Guard cover is the best solar heating cover available due to its translucent colour and specialised UV light absorber. One can expect water temperatures to increase by up to 8 degrees Celsius with the Sol+Guard.

Where is GeoBubble manufactured?

GeoBubble materials are manufactured in the UK by Plastipack Limited. All GeoBubble design patents are held by Plastipack Limited.

Plastipack Ltd is an independent specialist manufacturer of cover materials for swimming pools and water storage solutions. Based in the UK, Plastipack has a strong global footprint, supplying pool and water storage cover materials to fabricators around the world in a weld-ready roll format which customers fabricate into covers. Learn more about Plastipack Limited here.

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