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Swimming pool cover storage

Prevent damage with a reflective cover

Reflective Storage Cover

You can lengthen the life of your swimming pool cover even further through the use of a unique Reflective Storage Cover. This innovative storage cover reflects the sun’s heat and protects your investment in a cover by;

• Protecting your cover from solar damage when off the pool
• Reducing the temperature of a stored pool cover by 30°C +

Typically, when a swimming pool bubble cover is not in use it is stored on a reel system or folded close to the pool and with repeated exposure to direct sunlight, unprotected stored bubble covers will suffer permanent damage.

This can be avoided by using the Reflective Storage Cover which uses the proven technology of the CoolGuard™ swimming pool cover that keeps a pool cool. It is this products opaque light blue top surface that reflects the sun’s heat and a black underside that prevents light reaching the pool cover, which combine to reduce the temperature of the stored cover. When on the rolled up pool cover the reflective cover can easily be secured using a variety of straps which are purchased separately.

In the summer of 2009, independent scientific tests conducted in the UK showed that when a bubble cover is left on a reel system in direct sunlight, it reached temperatures in excess of 77°C (this would be much higher in hotter climates). The graph below shows how dramatically the Reflective Storage Cover can reduce the cover’s temperature by over 30°C.

Reduce materials temperature on the roller

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