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What people say

“Since featuring the NEW EnergyGuard™ on my web site, Not only have I seen a dramatic increase in interest for this material and what it can do.
Sales have already passed that of the old EnergyGuard™ this year….
It just proves that…..

Innovation + Quality+ Marketing= Success

So my next question is what is next in the pipeline?
Thank you to you and your team”

John Spencer – UK- 2016

New EnergyGuard™ selective transmission

“Very impressed with my Eneryguard ST pool cover. I have a natural, unheated swimming pool. Water is circulated through bio filter to keep it clean without chemicals, but clearing the algae after its winter shutdown can be a problem. (Think pea soup!) However, after using the cover the algae was dead within a week or two and vacuumed out of the pool with ease. It has even killed off the biofilm which makes the walls of natural pools quite slick, so I’m delighted, and the pool water is sparkling clear in record time.
It’s early days for assessing heating, but the pool temperature has risen about 6 degrees in a week, now the sun has come back, so I have high hopes.
Aesthetically, the dark blue colour actually blends in very well and is far less noticeable than I thought, even in a natural setting with pool vegetation.
In summary, an excellent product. Controls algae in the most challenging of circumstances!”

Elaine Roberts – UK –2016

New EnergyGuard™ Selective Transmission

“As someone who has been in the pool industry for many years I am always seeing new products making great claims as to how good they are so it was some doubt in my mind that I tried the black EnergyGuard™ GeoBubble™ pool cover on my own pool. I put it on in September and did not put any winterising chemicals at all in the pool. When I drew the cover back in May I was delighted and, I have to admit, quite surprised to see that the pool water was absolutely crystal clear. Just as I had left it 7 months ago. All the pool needed was one visit from my pool cleaner and it was ready to swim in. I am highly delighted with the algae restricting performance of the EnergyGuard™ cover, not only did it give me a crystal clear pool it also saved me spending money on winterising chemicals. For the first time in 20 years I did not have to do any Spring clean up in my pool.”

Peter Joyce. MD of Pool Store Ltd UK 2013


“I am very happy with the performance of the Sol+Guard™ product in terms of heating my pool water. The benefits of having a Sol+Guard™ cover is that at the end of May 2011 the pool water was at 31°C, which is 10°C warmer than my neighbours pool who has no cover. I would be happy to recommend a Sol+Guard™ cover to anyone who wants to heat their pool ecologically and enjoy it much longer during the year.”

Vladi, Bordeaux, France, 2011

Sol+Guard Solar Cover

“I own a swimming pool in the south-east of England and in the spring of 2010 I upgraded my cover to a Sol+Guard™ cover, which has over the summer of 2010 reduced my heating bill by 25%. The other benefit of the cover was the increase in the temperature of the pool water which I believe to be well over 80°F, and also helped extend my swimming pool season by a few weeks. The Sol+Guard™ cover definitely does what it says it will.”

Bob Bowles, East Sussex, UK, 2010

Sol+Guard Solar Cover

“Firstly I would like to say how much I appreciated the advice and assistance you gave me in choosing a pool cover that would be appropriate for the area I live in, Almeria in Spain. I think it is very prudent to take advice rather than purchasing a pool cover that may be unsuitable for my location.

The Sol+Guard™ cover has proved to be a huge success, raising my pool temperature by at least 8 degrees above the pool temperature in April/May of the previous two years, 2008/2009. There is a minimal temperature loss overnight as it can get quite cold in the mountains where my house is located.

In June, the pool water is too hot for me but it will suit my wife and grandchildren very well.

With the Sol+Guard™ cover on our pool we were able to start swimming on the 10th April this year compared to the end of May last year. Whilst I cannot say how long in the autumn months we will be using the pool I think it would be fair to say that our swimming season will be extended by two months either side.”

Phil Stratten, Almeria, Spain, 2010

Sol+Guard Solar Cover

“We are really pleased with our new Sol+Guard™ cover. The cover has made a dramatic difference to both the speed of heating the water and heat retention. In addition, our underwater lighting penetrates the cover and creates a great feature at night!”

Mr & Mrs Beard, East Sussex, UK, 2010

Sol+Guard Indoor Cover

“Well the Sol+Guard™ cover is just great! Last year we used a solar system to heat up the pool but it was not working really well and was too expensive (about £11,000) so we returned back to the supplier. But the cover have really heated the pool more than what the solar system did. Even now we can now enjoy a swim at night that we couldn’t do before! Thank you so much for this efficient solution!”

Zaid Shakman, Jordan, 2012

Indoor Pool in Jordan

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